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Address: 103 Gymea Bay Road, Gymea
Phone: 9540 3054


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About Freez Clothing

Here at Freez, we aim to provide Australians with products that are fashion-forward and reasonably priced, a combination that makes us unique. The way that we achieve this balance, is by sourcing our products through boutique and up-and-coming brands which are not available through the major online stores. Our talented team of fashion scouts are on the hunt daily for new products to add to our range, which means Freez customers are always assured access to the latest fashions.

The first Freez store opened it’s doors in 1993, in Gymea located in Sydney’s southern districts, with a vision to offer an extensive range of impressive styles that were affordable and uncompromising in quality. The formula proved to be a hit with the locals, and consequently more stores were opened in the region. Our online store launched in 2007, making the Freez range of affordable fashion available to a national market for the first time. Ladies from all corners of Australia were delighted to suddenly have access to affordable yet stylish women’s clothing, and as word spread, our online following begain to grow quite quickly as a result.

Today, our loyal Freez customers continue to appreciate our ability to pick trends and source the best local fashion, while keeping our price tags realistic. We still believe your shopping experience should be fun and enjoyable, regardless of whether you choose to shop online or in one of our stores, so our excellent team of local customer service consultants are always available to help. With 20 year background in retail, we also understand the importance of maintaining a generous returns policy (particularly since buying online means that sometimes garments don’t quite fit how you imagined them too!). We really do appreciate each and every one of our visitors to Freez, and enjoy building rewarding long-term relationships through leading-edge fashion and good old-fashioned customer service.



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