Sydney Montessori School

At Sydney Montessori School we believe that every student should be given the tools to discover the world on their own. Learning is a lifelong endeavour, and fostering the love of learning is at the centre of the Montessori philosophy. We always look to put knowledge in context, to pick out a part of the grand story of life and the universe, link it with what has come before, and look forward to what is yet to come. Meaningful learning happens in the gaps, where students and teachers work together to find the answers to big questions with no easy answers, where we can use what we know to get a little closer to discovering something new. We believe that a good education is a global education, where students can learn about their place in the world and develop empathy and understanding for those of us in a different place. We believe that school is the beginning of learning, not the end. And we believe that in learning about the world we learn about ourselves, and continue the hard work of making the world a better place than it was yesterday.

Trading Hours

Office: 8:15am – 4pm, School: 9am – 3pm, Long Day Care: 8am – 6pm

Business Details


99-107 Manchester Road, Gymea NSW 2227


02 9526 3000